Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor
    University of Oklahoma School of Architecture and Planning // Norman, Oklahoma


  • Founder / Developer
    Metatecto // Norman, OK


    Metatecto was created as community practice for architects, designers, developers and artists (friends) to explore practical and academic ideas connecting local and global communities, people, brands and businesses to the metaverse through virtual architectural and evironmental experiences, industrial design, world building, and master planning to bridge our physical and digital worlds.

    We are crossing the threshold into a new era of art, design and architecture. Metaverses are crafting new rules for spatial and metaphysical experiences that can be created without the traditional constraints of materiality, gravity, or environment. These new metaspaces will reveal completely new ways of thinking that will flip our long-held logic of construction, tectonics, objects, buildings, public spaces, neighborhoods and cities.

  • Visiting Professor
    Sangmyung University // Seoul, South Korea


  • Adjunct Professor
    University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History // Norman, Oklahoma


  • Adjunct Professor
    University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning // Albuquerque, New Mexico


  • Founder / Indie Dev / Designer
    MAKECODEPLAY // Norman, Oklahoma


    Independant multi-disciplinary shop focused on interactive design, projection-mapped artwork, web development, installation art, and graphic design.

  • Co-founder : Design + Marketing
    Gear Institute // Santa Fe, New Mexico


    Developed and designed design and content strategies across desktop and mobile platforms, building robust, high-energy, competitive, social user experiences across all of our media channels, leading all interactive design and product marketing initiatives, and driving key business and academic partnerships. Gear Institute is an outdoor gear, travel and e-commerce website. Voted one of the 7 Best Gear Websites by Outside Magazine.

  • Chief Design + Innovation Officer
    Monscierge // Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


    Responsible for developing academic relationships and research agendas, driving future product strategies, and defining design and user experience initiatives for web applications, touchscreens, interactive touch-based table tops, and mobile apps for the hospitality, travel, medical and institutional industries.

  • Architectural Designer
    Design Plus // Albuquerque, New Mexico


  • Architectural Designer
    Saccoccio + Associates Architects // Cranston, Rhode Island


    Responsible for the conceptualization and design development of large commercial, educational, and governmental accounts and the design and creation of high profile client presentations.

  • Creative Director
    Skyfish // Boston, Massachusetts


    Led design, prototyping, and development coordination within the Skyfish e-Marketplace, as well as managing front end web and graphic design teams to establish a set of visual standards for the companyu2019s market branding and identity packages.

  • Owner
    Ultraviolette // Providence, Rhode Island


    Designed and developed architecture, installation, environmental graphic design, 3D modeling, and presentation projects.