Corrales Comunity Pathway + Pedestrian Park

corrales, new mexico

status : complete

The current pathway along the shoulder through Corrales, New Mexico is a wasteland, an unsafe, poorly maintained, hostile space where pedestrians, realistically have no place. The challenge of this project was to transform an isolating and dangerous highway shoulder from an unsafe, unstable and detached space into a place of engagement, immersion and balance, centered around the pedestrian’s experience and their safe travel along the Corrales Road Commercial Corridor.

In addition to designing a safe and enjoyable pathway, secondary automobile circulation needed to be addressed. From studying the unobstructed nature of automobile access off Corrales Road, there was an underlying need to consolidate vehicular circulation, relegating its access along existing crossroads with connections and parking located behind clusters of adjacent commercial businesses.

Lastly, the goal in developing a larger community park within the commercial core of Corrales was to create a social center for community activities and individual repose. The design aesthetic was executed through traditional agricultural patterns and proportions. The design and layout of the landscape reflects long lots, celebrating the village’s deep ties to acequia-based farming. The landform shapes and overall tectonics of the community park are derived from soil architecture, planting patterns and mechanical forms.

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