Steel + Light

Convergence Arts Festival Masterwork

providence, rhode island

status : complete

A collaboration with Hogan + Macaulay Architects, this project was conceived as a cinematic montage that explores the use of light as a medium to ‘drape’ imagery across the Providence Hurricane Barrier.

The imagery selected and the compositional choices made for this exhibition included body parts, such as arms, hands and faces, as well as photographs of dancers juxtaposed with more abstract imagery. The entire exhibit was initially simulated on formZ using the exact lighting specs, distances, surrounding light pollution levels, and physical properties to gain insight on our design choices but also to point out any environmental factors that might challenge our preconceptions.

The goal was to create a visual dialog between projected elements of the human form and the highly engineered structural elements of the Hurricane Barrier. The result exceeded our expectations as the dual 12,000 lumen light canons cast intensely vibrant imagery upon the Hurricane Barrier’s three story volumes and lacy structural assemblies, cutting through lightly foggy fall nights over the Narragansett Bay.

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