Approximation of a Generation


Approximation of a Generation

private tremendous

status : complete

“Just when you think you’ve got Private Tremendous figured out, singer/guitarist Ken Marold announces, “We’re going to slow it down for a minute,” and then they shift gears completely…PT is fundamentally a rock band, but it’s also a reggae, ska, funk, soul, electronica and metal band…”


“Jam band, stoner rock — call it whatever, but word is soon to be out about homegrown alterna-rock quartet Private Tremendous.”

Providence Phoenix
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More Work


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Design + Fabrication

  • Flatpack Foldable Structural Connections

    rhino, grasshopper, mild steel

  • Renegades

    Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art

  • Surface Flux

    python, c#, grasshopper, pla, wood, steel

  • Carbon Fiber Connections

    grasshopper, rhino, pla, carbon fiber

  • Acoustic Diffusion Panel

    grasshopper, rhino, cnc, rigid insulation

  • Hyperbolic Bending

    grasshopper, rhino, laser cut acrylic, bristol board

  • Filtration : Infiltration

    python, grasshopper, rhino, 3d printing

  • Recursive Paneling

    laser cut mylar

  • Sweet Crude

    python, c#, grasshopper, wood, plasti-dip, carbon, gelatin

  • Ruling Lines

    laser cut cell cast acrylic, stainless steel braided wire

  • Volumetric Aggregations

    processing, grasshopper, rhino, cast acrylic, black walnut, hickory

  • Cellulose Bookcase

    pine, black walnut, compressed wood fiber board, stain

  • Asher Chair

    rhino, pla, birch plywood

  • Andraditic Mass

    arduino, firefly, rhino, 3d printed pla, baltic birch plywood

  • Cholla

    grasshopper, rhino, black walnut

  • Folding Attractors

    grasshopper. rhino, white museum board

  • Grain Chair

    rhino, cnc milled birch plywood

  • Tracking Parallelograms

    grasshopper, rhino, hickory

  • Infiltration Table

    processing, spalted birch plywood, poplar, enamel, lacquer

Art + Code

  • Prairie Fire

    acrylic, ink, plywood

  • Dixieland Death Cult

    acrylic, plywood

  • Approximation of a Generation

    private tremendous

  • Elemental Worlds

    science museum oklahoma

  • Gonzo Cubes

    solidity, html, css, javascript, illustrator

  • Surface Flux

    python, c#, grasshopper, pla, wood, steel

  • A Line of Force

    arduino, grasshopper, firefly, java, plywood

  • The Drift

    html, css, javascript

  • Gear Institute

    illustrator, photoshop, php, css, html

  • Prism

    unity, c#, spine2d, illustrator

  • Squall

    petroglyphs national monument, albuquerque, new mexico

  • Galileo’s World Interactive

    c#, unity3d, illustrator, photoshop

  • Steel + Light

    convergence arts festival masterworks project, providence, rhode island

  • The God of Skiing

    book design

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